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Word of the Week

Each week, if we remember, we will be giving you a new DLG word to say. In only a matter of months you will be talking like a Disco Love Gods and have the ladies wetting their panties.

Not only will we teach you some awesome words but we will also be explaining how we impliment them with visuals. It's free schooling for the DLG wannabe.

Do you have the desire to become a DLG? I fucking doubt it.

Now let's get back to why you came to this page. Here is this weeks word :

Can You Say...

DLG Word of the Week: Temptational

The correct way to say temptaional is "TEMPTATIONAAAAAAL!!!"

When you say Temptational you should be usind a very wide stare and making grabbing movements with your hands to what ever is tempting you.

Temptational can be used when you spot that honey in the street, in a bar or club or at the grocery store. It can also be used when looking for a new shaggin' wagon.

Infact you can use this word at anything that you are attracted to. Don't forget the stare and grabbing motions.

Another word next week.

Past words of the week:

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