The Seventies: Best Decade Ever!

The Seventies

Everyone knows about The Seventies. Whether you were born before, during or after the seventies you will have to agree that this decade was the greatest decade of them all. It is your right to disagree but bare this in mind - If you disagree with the DLG we will come round to your home and beat you til you smell like onions. As I was saying, before I was very rudely interupted, the 1970s was bitchin' because it spawned some of the best music, movies, superstars, fashion and women that no other decade could touch.

After the sixties, (which was also a good decade, don't get me wrong), The Seventies was invented - (One of the best inventions known to man). A full detailed explanation of the invention of the seventies will be available soon.

So, what was so fucking great about the seventies? Every fucking last detail, man! EVERY fucking last detail. There might be some details that weren't so fucking great but these details ain't included in the Every Fucking Last Detail Section, do you follow me? If you are following me then I suggest you quit it as I don't like to be followed. I might have to slap you in to some gravy if you continue to follow me. Not good gravy but stinking skanky gravy.

Fashion was fucking cool in the 70's man! You had flares, platform shoes, crazy tiddies and a shit load of other cool fucking clothes. Check out our Fashion section of the site. This is not a request but an order, you cock sucking motherfucker.


Music kicked some serious honky ass, which followed on from the fifties and sixties. We had Soul, Funk and now we had DISCO and The 70's brought everything together and even combined some of it to produce funky, soul disco music. Heaven, man! FUCKING HEAVEN!! Ooooh Whooooo! Find out what we got to tell you about music in our Music section.


Women, now I ain't got the motherfucking time to go in to the women in this motherfucking section so I suggest you go visit the motherfucking Women section. You will not be dissapointed as there are some photos of some lovely ladies with sweet tiddies and crazy ass.


Movies are bitchin' and even more so when you have a motherfucker like John Holmes in them. He had a decent size man root for a motherfucking honky. Myself, well, yeah, I did some movies too, I once was a stunt cock for a horse in some beastiality flick with some fucked up crack whores. It's hard to beat them good time, man! Check out our Movies section of the site for some good movies.


Seventies icons were all over L.A. and New York and the fuckin' public loved them. People would do anything for a glimps of celebrity ass and the celebrities would brown nose the incrowd celebs just to keep up their image. These brown nose celebs were known to the incrowd as fuckin' wankers. Check out some incrowd celebs as well as some wankers at our Icons page.

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