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Music from The 70's

WELCOME to the music section of the website and probably the only section that we won't take the piss out of as we love our music.

What you are about to see is some of the most influencial artists of the 70's. These artists, bands and groups are what get us up on the dance-floor and boogie the night away and in many cases, helped so many get laid.

Maybe some of you won't even recognize some of these artist becoz you are too young and I have one one thing to say to you; GROW THE FUCK UP!

Let's get on with it.

Disco Music

Disco Music

70's Disco Music

First up we have what most people think about when we mention 70's music, it is of course DISCO. The first image we see is of The Village People who were famous for their crazy costumes and hit songs such as Y.M.C.A., In The Navy and Macho Man. Now most of you associate The Village People with being a group of marine biologists looking for male chocolate starfish but the only member of the group who was interested in male tea-towel holders was the Indian.

Second in the disco section is Rose Royce most famous for their huge hit; Car Wash. They had other hits too such as Wishing on a Star and I Wanna Get Next to You.

Thirdly is one of the Queens of Disco; Gloria Gaynor. Who can forget I Will Survive, a classic feminists song that skanky pissed tarts like to sing on karaoke when their boyfriends have just cast them aside for a more favorable bitch.

Last in this section is Kool & The Gang, famed for classics such as Get Down On It, Ladies Night and Jungle Boogie. These guys sure knew how to write a tune to get your groin warmed up for the lucky lady of the evening.

Disco will never die and we will have more Disco for ya very soon!

Funk Music

Funk Music

70's Funk Music

Funk is the music to get you making all kinds of weird shapes with your body, ya just can't help but dance and pull the weirdest faces when listening to Funk.

If you have visited the women section then you might recognise this Nasty Gal; Betty Davis. She only made 3 albums in the seventies but they were bitchin'. Tracks such as Nasty Gal, Talkin' Trash and F.U.N.K were as hard hittin' as a kick in the spunk factory. We strongly suggest listenin' to some of Bettys songs.

Next up we have The Doobie Brothers, so called for their love of smokin' doobies. Classics like Listen To The Music and Long Train Running are still favorites amoung generations of music lovers. The Doobie Brothers were more Funk Rock but we have included them in the funk section rather the rock section.

We couldn't leave the funk section without mentioning The Godfather; James Brown (RIP). James had so many classic hits, Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, I Got You (I Feel Good), It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud and of course Sex Machine. The list goes on and on and on and on. Respect and Rest In Peace.

I think we all could do with gettin' funked up. More FUNK soon!

Rock Music

Rock Music

70's Rock Music

Seventies Rock is not like rock we hear today, back then it actually had meaning to it, probably something to do with the drugs that were floating around so freely.

First up we have Creedence Clearwater Revival who had classic hit such as Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary and Fortunate Son. Fortunate Son is a classic tune that you will hear mostly in Vietnam War Movies. Next time you watch a movie about Vietnam, keep an ear out.

One of the most famous rock bands of all time is up next and that is Led Zeppelin. The most famous hit and one of the best songs ever is Stairway To Heaven, other classics include Whole Lotta Love, Dazed And Confused, Black Dog and Rock & Roll. A fenominal band if I have ever heard one.

Another classic band is Free, and who of us cannot get excited when the first riffs of All Right Now crank up on the radio. Only touch that volume knob if ya gonna turn it up. A solid group with a solid sound.

Black American Guitar God; Jimi Hendrix closes the rock section and deservedly so. Jimi was a stoner and it showed in his music. Many musicians were amazed at what Jimi could do with a guitar and he never failed to entertain when playing live. Jimi was discovered by Geordie; Chas Chandler - bassist with The Animals.

So, that completes the Rock section of 70's music. We will be back very soon with some more 70's rock bands.

Soul Music

Soul Music

70's Soul Music

Last up we have the Soul section, music for your soul, muscic for my soul and music for our souls. I hope you all got that pun. We are now entering The Erection Section so get ready to feel your soul gyrate inside of ya.

Kickin' off this last section is Al Wilson, I hear many of ya sayin' "Who?", Well, shame of ya. Al had hit such as Show And Tell a slow soul song that makes ya just wanna touch anything that moves. Another track that is one of Doogie and mine favourite Northern Soul tunes is The Snake. This tune is fuckin' is de puta madre and this guy had a great voice. Check it out, please!

Here is the unmistakeable face of Otis Redding, most famous for Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay, watchin' the ship come in and go back out again. Although Otis died before the seventies we feel we should include him in our music section. Otis have such a great voice for one so young. Other classic hits include Mr. Pitiful, Hard To Handle and Love Man, all of which are a pleasure to listen to. The sad thing about Otis's death was that the song that become so much associated with him was the song that he never heard the final cut.

Now hear come a Blues/Soul Man that not many people have ever heard of. Little Milton wrote tunes that were powerful and a little arrogant and with songs like If You Talk In Youe Sleep, Grits Aint Groceries and Mr. Gentleman you will hear why. Mr. Gentlman has some great lyrics; "Hey, Mr. Gentleman, your wife is cheatin' on us". This man must have broken so many hearts and pissed off alot of bitches. Resect goes out to Little Milton for writin' tunes like that.

Last in the Soul section and last in the 70's music section is Bill Withers. Again you might not know his music but you will have heard one of classic songs without knowin' who sang it. Ain't No Sunshine was a classic song that everyone has heard and it was Bill who sang it. Just before we leave I gotta little joke that hopefully you will understand: How do you make a duck sing soul music? Put it in a microwave and wait until its Bill Withers!

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