70's Movies

Movies from The 70's

Which 70s movies do you remember?

We are going to take a look at some of the greatest movies to have been made in The 70's. We will be looking through each year to see which memorible movies were made that year.

Everyone loves watching movies, they are an escape from real life in to a world of action, sport, comedy and romance, even porn, ever wished you were saving the world from disaster and become a hero or getting that blow job while 3 hot bitches piss on ya? I know you do.

These are just some of the things movies can bring in to our lives.

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Welcome to 1970

Movies 1970


Movies 1970: Airport

This was the start of great 70's movies and with a title like Airport it only meant one fuckin' thang; This movie is about an airport. How fuckin' cool is that!

No-one could have imagined the terror that was about to bestow the passengers on this fight of fantasy. It was all going well until....you know what happend!

Airport was one of the first "Disaster" movies and came with a star-studded cast. This nail-biter takes place one snowy night at an large airport somewhere in the Midwest and if the weather's not bad enough they have now gotta contend with some mutherfucker wanting to blow up an incoming jumbo jet.

I was fuckin' stuck to my seat with hardend shit it was that terrifying, man!

Airport had a couple of sequels and paved the way for many future disaster movies. Nearly 3 decades later one of the greatest movies to hit the screen had all the disaster that was Airport 1970; Snakes On A Plane stars Mr Samuel L. Jackson.

Snake's on a Plane
Snake's on a Plane

I don't want to fuck up the plot for you so I will leave you to get on with checkin' out the rest of the site. Enjoy!

While we are here why not check out the magical version of this movie.

Magical Version
Snape's on a Plane

If you want to know more about Airport visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read more reviews of



Welcome to 1971

Movies 1971

A Clockwork Orange

Movies 1971: A Clockwork Orange

A fantastic film by the great Stanley Kubrick about the adventures of a young man called Alexander DeLarge played by Malcolm McDowell. This mutherfucker was a fuckin' physco and I know alot about mutherfuckin' fuckin' physcos.

Now get this; This movie was made in 1971 and takes place in London, England, 1995; 24 years in the future which is fucked-up coz that's 14 years ago. What fuckin' year is it and where the hell am I? Anyhows I'm digesting from the point.

After drinking milk laced with narcotics in the Korova Milk Bar this fucker and his gimps go looking for action in a stolen Durango 95. They happen upon a fancy house with a sign outside that says 'Home' and they manage to convince the owner, a writer to let his wife open the door for them by saying they were in an accident. They quickly tie him up and rape his wife while Alex sings 'Singin in the Rain'. Nice touch!

As the movie continues this gang of gimped-up mutherfuckers continue to fuck up peoples lives which leads the head gimp to do some hard time in the fuckin' slammer. After a short while inside this physco gimp fuck is chosen for a new experiment to reduce violent crimes.

This movie is many things; it is cool, fucked-up, disturbing and a little weird but one thing it is not and that is melon. If you get a chance to see it then do it.

If you want to know more about A Clockwork Orange visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read more reviews of

A Clockwork Orange

Diamonds Are Forever

Movies 1970: Airport

Bond, James Bond. Fuck Yeah! When it comes to spies there is nobody as cool as James Bond and that's a mutherfuckin' fact. Here we have Diamonds Are Forever starring the handsome and hairy Sean Connery.

In this movie James Bond's mission is to find out who has been smuggling diamonds up their ass by adopting another identity. Bond is Peter Franks who joins up with Tiffany Case, a hot piece of booty, and pretends to be smuggling the diamonds.

Bond must resist the temptations of a blow job from a beautiful smuggler while trying to avoid Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, Blofeld's two best assassins so that he can uncover Blofeld's sinister plot.

Will Bond succeed in his mission or suck his seed out of Tiffany's ass ? (This is known as Feltching!). I think we all know the answer to that question. If you wanna know for sure then watch the fuckin' film.

If you want to know more about Diamonds Are Forever visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read more reviews of

Diamonds Are Forever

Dirty Harry

Movies 1972: Dirty Harry

San Francisco 1971 and there's a physco sniper known as Scorpio taking out random victims for pleasure. This fucker did not count on Harry Callahan around otherwise he'd have chosen to suck shit through a dead tramps sock rather than gun down helpless citizens.

Known to his fellow police officers as Dirty Harry for his no bullshit, I'm gonna kick ya ass so hard way of fighting crime, Harry is assigned the case with new partner Inspector Chico Gonzalez to find this mutherfucker and pop a cap in his ass.

After each assasination Scorpio leaves a ransom notes at the crime scenes, the City of San Francisco must pay up or the killings will continue. Harry's attitude is simple 'Fuck This Shitty Shoe Bastard' and eventually he tracks down the fucker and arrestes him.

Scorpio is let free coz of an 'illegal search' and continues to cause havoc in the city this time kidnapping a bus-load of children and demands that Harry be taken off the case. The Mayor foolishly goes along with Scorpio's game and orders Harry off the case. What a fool!

Of course; Harry ain't gonna take that crap and proceeds to go after the fucker putting an end to the kidnapping, killings and the psycho fucks reign of terror for good... and in style! A classic film that should be seen with friends, beer and a smoke.

If you want to know more about Dirty Harry visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read more reviews of

Dirty Harry


Welcome to 1972

Movies 1972

The Godfather

Movies 1972: The Godfather

This was a cool mutherfuckin' movie with a great director in the form of Francis Ford Coppola and had an incredible cast including Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton.

The story begins as the head of a New York Mafia, "Don" Vito Corleone, is overseeing his daughter's wedding. His youngest son Michael has returned from the war just in time to see the wedding of his sister Connie Corleone.

All the family is involved with the Mafia, but Michael just wants to live a normal life away from the shit that comes with being part of "The Mafia". Michael becomes involved with the Mafia when his father is shot for refusing to protect some low life drug dealer.

The war has started for Michael and his family and all hell breaks loose for anyone getting in the way of "Family Business". Shit goes from bad to worse and suddenly every fucker is getting shot, stabbed, throat cut or blown up.

This is the original fuckin' gangster movie with violence kickin' your fuckin' head in and your teeth out. Go see it and tell me you don't wanna slit some pussy's side and rip out their pancreas, rub it in some bitches face while doin' her in the ass.

If you want to know more about The Godfather visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a full synopsis of

The Godfather


Welcome to 1973

Movies 1973

The Exorcist

Movies 1973: The Exorcist

On an archeological dig in Iraq, an elderly Catholic priest; Father Lankester Merrin played by Max Von Sydow, senses foreboding and encounters a number of strange omens.

Back in the United States a successful actress named Chris McNeil played by Ellen Burstyn begins experiencing strange phenomena. Her twelve-year-old daughter, Regan played excellently by the young Linda Blair, begins to exhibit strange behavior, undergoing a slight change in personality and showing up in Chris's bed one night, complaining that her own bed was "shaking".

While filming a scene one day, she notices a young Catholic priest; Damien Karras watching her. She also notices him while walking home from the shoot one day. Karras discusses his vocation with a superior and asks to be transferred because he feels he is losing his faith.

The strange occurrences in the McNeil house begin to increase. Regan reveals that she has been playing with a Ouija board and claims that she has the ability to communicate with a spiritual entity all by herself.

If you're the kinda twisted fuck that likes to shit yourself then you need to watch this movie. It will cost you less than a whore but you will still be garenteed to get fucked albeit in a different sense.

If you want to know more about The Exorcist visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a full synopsis of

The Exorcist


Welcome to 1974

Movies 1974

The Towering Inferno

Movies 1974: The Towering Inferno

In 1974 there were movie stars and there were "Movie Stars" and The Towering Inferno was as packed full of "Movie Stars" as a DLG's underwear is packed full of prime beef. Let's just see who was in this terrifying movie:

  1. Steve McQueen
  2. Paul Newman
  3. William Holden
  4. Faye Dunaway
  5. Fred Astaire
  6. Richard Chamberlain
  7. Robert Vaughn
  8. Robert Wagner
  9. and O.J. Simpson

With a title like this you know there is going to be some serious heat on the party dance floor.

Doug Roberts is chief architect for Duncan Enterprises, an architectural firm specializing in skyscrappers.

Their latest and greatest project is a Glass Tower which stands a whopping 1,800 feet high and set for dedication in San Francisco. A bitchin' party is scheduled to include Mayor Robert Ramsey and Senator Gary Parker.

Doug gets a call from the Tower utility room in the building's basement and in a routine check of the building's generators they find that a power surge has blown out a circuit breaker. This can easily be fixed.

Unknown to everyone the surge has also blown out another circuit breaker on the 81st floor that sends a wire flopping onto shop rags in a large storage closet. Ths rags catch fire. Holy shit!

Well, before you know it, the party is in full swing and so is the fuckin' fire but who knows about it?

If you want to know more about The Towering Inferno visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a full synopsis of

The Towering Inferno


Welcome to 1975

Movies 1975


Movies 1975: Jaws

Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss star in this fishy tail directed by Steven Spielberg all about some hungry mutherfuckin' great white honky shark with attitude.

A bunch of pissed up stoners are having a beach party, nothing wrong with that. One bitch from the party isn't wet enough, coz all the guys are limp dick faggots, so decides to go for a swim, naked. Moments later she is screaming and disappears from view. What could have happened here then? Call Columbo!

After finding body parts of a girl new Chief of Police for Amity Island, Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) finishes typing up the cause of death in the girls case: "SHARK ATTACK."

The next day, Brody and his deputy put signs on the beach declaring it "Closed". This does not go down well with the Mayor and the business owners as they rely on the summer tourists for trade. The beaches are re-opened much to the distaste of Chief Brody.

Everyone is happy and playing on the beach and swimming in the water, a small boy on his lilo is splashing about having fun when he is dragged under and the water turns a crimson red. Brody sees this and yells for everyone to "get out of the water".

The town demand that the shark be catched and various fishermen go hunting to catch the beast. A shark is caught but turns out not to be the shark in question.

Chief Brody, a shark expert and a shark fisherman set off in a boat to put an end to the sharks dinner habits and end up having an adventure that none of them will ever forget.

If you want to know more about Jaws visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a full synopsis of



Welcome to 1976

Movies 1976

The Omen

Movies 1976: The Omen

Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Billie Whitelaw and Harvey Stephens (Damien) star in this classic 70's horror movie based on the antichrist.

Robert and Katherine Thorn seem to have just about everything they could ask for. He is the US Ambassador to Italy and they want for nothing in their lives, except one thing: children.

When Katharine has a stillborn child, Robert is approached by a priest at the hospital who suggest that he take a healthy newborn whose mother has just died in childbirth and to say nothing to anyone as it is a gift from God.

After getting the job as Ambassador to England they are relocated to London, the child's nanny hangs herself. Robert is visited by a priest who warns him of his son. Later the priest dies in a bizzare accident.

A photographer contacts Robert and shows him something that starts to make him think that his son is of demonic origin. Together they set off to find the truth only to discover that the child he took in is indeed the offspring of a jackel.

Robert continues his journey and eventually realises that he has to kill his son for the good of the world.

Does he manage it? Well, watch it and find out for yourselves.

If you want to know more about The Omen visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a more of

The Omen


Welcome to 1977

Movies 1977

Saturday Night Fever

Movies 1977: Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta were made for each other - there could be no other to play this part. If you have not seen this movie then you need your head stompin' on - Fool (thumbs down).

Tony Manero is an uneducated Brooklyn teenager who works at a paint store and loves the way he looks - and why not, he is a young handsome mutherfucker with attitude. The highlight of his week is going to the local disco, where he is the king of the dancefloor.

Tony just has to snap his fingers and hi is surrounded by pussy. He then meets Stephanie at the disco and they agree to dance together in a competition. During rehearsals Stephanie resists Tony's advances coz she is a stupid bitch.

Stephanie want to aspire to greater things and move across the river to Manhattan, Tony is disillusioned with his life and he and Stephanie decide to help one another to start afresh.

This movie has some great dance moves along with a killer soundtrack. Everyone love disco so go see this movie and start learning some moves - you will be surrounded by pussy, just like Tony, if you can pull off the moves.

Be carefull when attemping any of these moves.

If you want to know more about Saturday Night Fever visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a more of

Saturday Night Fever


Welcome to 1978

Movies 1978

National Lampoon's Animal House

Movies 1978: National Lampoon's Animal House

John Belushi - that is all I am going to say. Now go see it. OK, you wantmore?

Larry Kroger and Kent Dorfman are freshman in college in 1962 and want to join a fraternity like any other collage student. After visiting several fraternities, including the up our own asses Omega house, they come to the Delta house.

Delta house is all about PARTY and Larry and Kent soon realise this could be the place for them as no other house wants to take them. On arriving they meet Bluto who is pissed and invites them in. He also pisses on them. Cool!

Once inside they meet handsome, compulsive womanizer Otter, his adventurous best friend Boone, Boone's girlfriend Katy, the daring thrill-seeker D-Day and the responsible Hoover.

They are accepted into the fraternity and join in on the wild toga parties, road trips, and pratical jokes. Things just get wilder and wilder for the Delta house and they manage to piss everyone off, even the Dean of the collage.

The Dean wants them off campus and will do anything to get them off and save him from getting the sack so he enlists the help of some members of the Omega house. Things don't go according to plan and Delta run amock.

You will piss your pants laughing at this classic movie. John Belushi is great and comes out with some gems. Look out for his encouraging speach!

If you want to know more about National Lampoons Animal House visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a synopsis of

National Lampoon's Animal House


Welcome to 1979

Movies 1979

The Amityville Horror

Movies 1979: The Amityville Horror

Starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder and Rod Steiger "The Amityville Horror" is based on the true story of George Lee Lutz and his wife Kathy who bought a charming Dutch Colonial home in Amityville, on the coast of Long Island NY, in 1975.

It is a documented fact that a troubled young man, 28, had killed his entire family in the house by shooting them, on 11/13/1974. The victims were his mother and father, two brothers and his two sisters.

The couple turns to Father Delaney to bless the home but he encounters troubles in trying to do this simple task. A room full of flies out of season, violent stomach sickness, and later, blisters on his palm when trying to make a phone call to Kathy at the home.

The priest's efforts to confront the evil don't go to well and he suffers a car wreck from brake and steering failure, a lack of support by his superiors when he describes the things he's seen, and ultimately, blindness and a mental breakdown.

George begins to be get angry over constant coldness in the house and obsesses with chopping logs to keep the fire burning. One of his sons boys suffers a crushed hand when a window falls on it and one of his daughters has an imaginary friend, Jody, who seems to be of a malevolent nature.

The family dog, Harry, a black labrador, also obsesses over a secret room in the basement.

This movie can get pretty scary so get some adult size diapers.

If you want to know more about The Amityville Horror visit the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Read a full synopsis of

The Amityville Horror
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