Max Martini's Happy Hour - Tequila Stuntman

Max Martini's Happy Hour

Trouble getting a lady to sleep with you? Try a cocktail from Max's Happy Hour

Max has taken some time out from working at the Ostich Club to provide you with some great cocktails. When it come to lubing up the ladies, Max is your man. Take note of the fuckin' ingredients in these mutherfuckin' cocktails coz one false slip and you are goin' home alone.

This week I have been havin' a few beverages with Max and Doogie at the club and got so wasted on this next cocktail. Well, not really a cocktail, a shot, and lots of them.

This one takes some practice but when you get it right you will be laiden with moist pussy.

Let's take a look at this weeks cocktail.


Tequila Stuntman

Tequila Stuntman

Max Martini's Happy Hour

This is what you will need :

  1. A shot glass
  2. 1 bottle of José Cuervo Tequila
  3. 1 salt shaker
  4. Lemon or lime wedge

Now follow the instuction as written

  1. Fill shot glass with tequila
  2. Wipe the lemon/lime along your index finger
  3. Add a line of salt along the lemon/lime juice on your finger
  4. Snort line of salt
  5. Squeeze lemon/lime into your eye
  6. Throw tequila over your shoulder into your friends mouth

That's the DLG way of makin' and drinkin' a mutherfuckin' cocktail shot. Be sure to drop in again for another cocktail next time you're passin'.

All the cocktails that we feature here at Max's Happy Hour are available in The Max Martini's Happy Hour Cocktail Book which will be on sale soon.

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Trouble getting the ladies into bed? Try supplying her with a cocktail from Max!

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