Leroy's Love Tips

Leroy's Love Tips

All your sexual problems solved

Love Tips from the Freak Nasty Love Messiah - Leroy "EZ" Jones

Welcome to Leroy's Love Tips the section of our site dedicated to get your loved ones moist and ready for action.

I will be giving you advice on how to please yourself and your partner/s. Everything from kissing to butt-fucking your lady while her sister pisses on your ass plus shit loads of weird shit aswell.

If you have any questions about love then drop me a line via our contact page stating "Love Tips" in the Subject section.

We will begin with some of the most basic love tips and also some of the most frequently asked questions, let's call these FAQ's. It sounds like fuck yous, FAQ's - Fuck Yous.

Enough of this shit, let's get down to business!

Doggy Position

Doggy Position


Just to get started I need to know that you all know some of the basic positions a lady should adopt during the freak nasty times. To our right here we see a bitch asuming the Doggy Position so she can get fucked from behind either vaginally or anally. This is a good position as you can make faces at the bitch and flip her off while sticking it to her.

This position also rates highly because if you are doin' the bitch's puss you can also ram her ass with :

1/ Your finger

2/ A dildo

3/ Vegetables

4/ Your fist

5/ A 2 litre bottle of soda

6/ A baseball bat

7/ A friends cock

Also rated due to the fact you can spit roast her, meaning one fucks her from the rear while a friend receives a blow job. You can also High-5 your friend while performing sexual acts of deviancy on the bitch.

Golden Shower

Golden Shower


This is the female pissing position during sexual activities, it is a standard position and can be used for pissing on your :

1/ Cock and genital area

2/ Face

3/ Chest

4/ Feet

5/ Ass and asshole

6/ A friend

An exellent position for pin pointing her piss in to your mouth for gargling. Try spitting it back up her as a sex game. If you like her pissing on your ass then try farting to blow the piss back at her pussy to create the sensation of a cool sea breeze on a hot summers day. She will be glad of the cooling sensation on her hot pussy lips.

Jerking off becomes easier when she perfoms a golden shower as is creates a slight lube on your cock.

Let's see what else we got for ya.

The Money Shot

The Money Shot


You have had your fun and made your lady cum a dozen time so now it is your turn to let fly. Do you trust the bitch not to get pregnant? Fuck that, Do Not Take That Chance. What you need to do now is shower her with love.

There are several sections on a bitches body to cover in your love :

1/ Face

2/ Tiddies

3/ Mouth

4/ Ass

5/ Stomach

6/ Hair

7/ Nose

My favorite sections are the mouth and tiddies as you can share your love with her if that's your thing. Get her to spit some back in to your mouth and then kiss or lick it off her tiddies to spit in to her mouth.

This is one of the biggest turn ons for a lady to see you swallowing your own cum. One of my sayings is : "Don't make your lady do what you ain't prepared to do yourself".

Until next time, have fun!

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