70's Icons: Our Heroes

70's Icons - Who earned respect in the 70's

DLG pays tribute to 70's icons

Growing up in the 60's and 70's was so fuckin' cool man coz we had all those fantastic fuckin' actors and musicians that everyone wanted to be. The DLG was part of this group but we also had are favorite actors and musicians.

It was great to be looked up to and to look up to others. What a great couple of decades, except for all that racist mutherfuckin' shit. We take a look back at some of the icons from the seventies and why they were so foolish at the time.

We will be bringing you lots of cool moviestars, musicians and other highly respected people in the 70's.

Who is this weeks #1 70's disco icon? There is only one choice for the 1st ever DLG Icon and I am sure you will agree with us. This weeks Top 5 looks like this :

John Travolta

John Travolta

John Travolta

John starred in the Best Disco Movie of All Time - Saturday Night Fever which had a fuckin' awsome soundtrack that brought out the best in his gorgeous disco dancing.

The music for the movie had everything from funky seventies disco tunes to slow "erection section" ballards.

John was a superstar thanks to this movie and had a lot of young pussy gaggin' for his 'A wella wella hu!' and John was eager to give it to them but John wasn't always as keen. When John was only 10 years old he had a weeping penis and spent most nights at the local doctors masterbating out the infected spaggetti looking lice.

As you can imagine, John was eager to make up for lost time and after a year of ejaculating knob maggots he soon began recieving blow jobs from all the cuties in the neighbor-hood, at the age of eleven. Sweet mother of Zeus!

Mr Travolta has since made over 3billion movies all which have been bitchin' except the Comedy 'Boy in a Bubble'. One hitch from 3 billion cannot be bad and this is why Mr. John Travolta is awarded the DLG Honor of being the #1 icon in the opening week of The Disco Love Gods Website.

Congratulations to John for his crowning glory!

James Brown

James Brown

James Brown

Ow! Get Down! Funky! Uh! Ah! are just some of the many crazy catchphrases by Mr James Brown, RIP. The Godfather of Soul takes the #2 spot and well deserved, James has done his time, not only behind bars and in bars but Icon Time.

James was responsible for populating Harlem all by himself, Brown had so much sex-appeal that children (many fully grown) jumped out of his loins to be in his 'Mans World'.

Not only did James penitrate our souls with his crazy brand of funk and soul music but he also co-starred in a few movies and took part in a bi-weekly wife beating tournament too.

You were not considered a real woman in the 70s until you had been bitch slapped by James Brown and had him chased by police. James spent many a night in jail and even had his own room with a phone. This is apparently where the term 'Cell Phone' was first used.

James is a legend and deserves his #2 spot and the guys at The DLG are honored to have James up in the Top 5 DLG Icons.

If James were still alive we are sure he would be honored and celebrate by buying a brand new bag.

Peter Falk: Columbo

Peter Falk: Columbo

Peter Falk: Columbo

'Just One More Thing' was the catchphrase of TVs sneaky little cunt Lt. Columbo played by Peter Falk, the worlds smallest giant. Peter took 12 years to realise that he wanted to become an actor, he was 26 at the time but we are all glad he took that decision.

Columbo often pretended to be dumb but it was the fuckers that he hounded that were the dumb fucks. The policeman that never carried a gun used his cunning to catch the oftenly rich and famous murderers. Maybe if Columbo had been put on the OJ Simpson case things might have had a different outcome.

Peter was 3 years old when doctors discovered that he had cancer in his eye which made him the first Cancer Eyecon in Hollywood. Can you guess which eye it is?

To commemorate this special honor we have added a Limited Edition Commemorative Peter Falk Replica Cancerous Eye beautifully encased in a stunning crystal sphere to our merchandise store. Chech it out, it's very eye catching!

Peter Falk made Columbo a legend and in doing so made himself a legend putting Peter and Columbo in at #3 in The DLG Icon Top 5.

A proud moment for all The DLG members and for Peter for taking a prestige 3rd place.

The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees

We all know that the 70s was the best decade for anything and everything and when anyone mentions music of the 70s this is one of the bands that that helped make the seventies so rememberble. We are Jive Talking about The Bee Gees!

The Bee Gees had their scrotems removed at the age of 13 to enhance their angel like voices, a move that the world is truely thankful for. They were responsible for the soundtrack of the hit 70s movie Saturday Night Fever starring #1 DLG Icon John Travolta. Amazingly the album was also called Saturday Night Fever. Could you imagine if thay had called it something else!

Not only did The Bee Gees write dlg-licious songs for themselves but they also wrote for other 70s superstars such as Diana Ross and Lee Majors (The 6 Million Dollar Man).

Barry, Robin and Maurice (The Bee Gees) were brothers (not real brothers, like in us blacks but brothers that came out of the same love hole) that shared the same surname (Gibb) but they also shared many women and the occasional man and were often caught on camera fornicating on large maps of Italy.

It is a great pleasure for The DLG and The Bee Gees to have these brothers at the #4 spot in The DLG Icon section.

Why not have a line of coke to celebrate with them!




For all you cabbages out there, here's a bunch of Swedes. Abba are a primate example of different races working together in perfect harmony, women, men, swedes and apes were a great combination to create some memorable music.

Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid became popular in the 70s after winning The Eurovision Song Contest and writing hit songs such as Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Super Trooper and Anarchy in the UK. Songwriter Björn was the center of attention for Hollywood movie producers and documentarians and had several films and documents written about him, the most famous being the movie Planet of the Apes which was a film/documentary about his life before Abba.

The name ABBA came about when caveman look-a-like, Benny blurted out the word in true caveman style. Benny was actually trying to ask for food. The name/word was agreed upon by the other members and become world famous all over the world including Belgium.

Swedish porn whores Agnetha and Anni-Frid were the main focus of the group because of thier slutty looks and firm breasts. It was discovered toward the end of thier carrear that Anni actually wore a fake wooden tit, when what was thought to be a nipple popping out of her dress actaually turned out to be a woodworm.

For such a bizarre bunch of organisms it is a great honor we have done them by listing them as The DLG #5 70s Icons.

We had reports that Björn has heard this news and celebrated by flinging shit at the rest of the group.

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