Fools: Good and Bad


Which Fool are you?

Fool can mean two things to a DLG, fool which means something good and fool that means something bad.

When saying the word "Fool" and giving a thumbs up we are saying that something or someone is good and when saying the word "Fool" and giving a thumbs down we are saying that something or someone is shit. The same applies to the word "Foolish".

Now that we have that all clear we can proceed with the point of this section.

Every week we will be bringing you "Fools" that we feel need to be exposed to our readers. These fools can be celebrities or non celebrities who have been doing foolish things or are just so "Foolish" that they are Fools.

Let it be understood that members of The DLG are automatically classed as "Fools" (thumbs up). We will start of with a fool that deserve a thumbs up from The DLG.

FOOL (Thumbs Up)

Fool (Thumbs Up)

Fools: Thumbs Up

Professor Badass

Professor Badass


This guy was classed as Foolish from the moment we set eyes on him. We found him while searching the internet and immediately though "Fool".

We are unsure of who he is but some of us thought he could be related to Samuel L Jackson and therefore he has been christened Professor Badass. Just look at the fucker, bald head, shades and a slick suit with his shirt sleaves rolled up and he is strutting down the street like a peacock on heat cutting a mean silhouette.

It is so true that if he were to wear a gold pocket watch on a chain then the universe would indeed freeze solid from his coolnesss. He had the potential to be a DLG and if anyone out there knows who this cool fucker is then please let us know.

This man is basically saying that if you were to mess with him you are going to end up with bad case of PAIN.

The DLG verdict was that Professor Badass is cooler than a body on ice and a first class Fool (thumbs up). Respect!

We will be looking for the next Fool so if you know anyone who is Foolish (Thumbs Up) then let us know and we will add him/her to our section.

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FOOL (Thumbs Down)

Fool (Thumbs Down)

Fools: Thumbs Down

Dumb Surfer

Movies 1971: A Clockwork Orange

And now a fool that deserve a thumbs down from The DLG.


Most surfers I know prefer to surf on the water so what is this dumb ass doing? Trying to surf on sand is not a great idea and this silly fuck should have understood the principles of surfing.

Watch as he tries to impress his limp dick boyfriend by trying to surf before the board hits the fuckin' water.

Wham! he hits the sand with his board and there is only one thing that's going to happen now. His face dissapears in to the sand and the tide tries it's best to drown the fucker.

A mouth full of sand and salty seawater isn't going to taste nice but that is what this mutherfucker deserves.

The DLG verdict was that this wanabe surfer has as much brains as a cloth and is a first class Fool (thumbs down). Asshole!

If you know anyone who is a complete asshole and you have some pictures, videos or stories you would like to share with us then get in touch.

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