70's Fashion

Fashion In The 70's

Womens Fashion

Womens Fashion

70's Womens Fashion

To the left or above, depending on your crazy 21st century tech shit, we have very sexy ladies from the 70s who look hot. We gotta happy young girl who just loves her new outfit, and why not, she looks gorgeous in that different shades of blue jacket and top.

Next to her we have 3 hot crime fightin' bitches from Charlie's whore house. These angels look like they have just come from the hair-salon and by the looks of them they have just had a cut and blowjob.

Right along side the angels is a little lady with fantastic flowing locks that you could just run your fingers through, and maybe your cock.

Last but not least are two of the hottest 70s porn stars to have ever walked this earth. These two lezzas were the first to discover the razor in the mid 70s. Unfortunately it was their chins they shaved and not their quims.

Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion

70's Mens Fashion

Kickin' off the mens fashion is some handsom playboy type who just loves to pose for the camera. Just look at that guy, his freinds can't even look at him in fear of burstin' in to flames from the heat of his sizzlin' ass.

Next to the gigolo are two homos who are lookin' sharp in thier threds. They are immaculately dressed and not a crease out of place, that's how we can tell they are gay. Look at them checkin' out my ass from afar. They betta stay the fuck away from me.

3rd in line are 3 of the guys from the best rock band in the world; Led Zeppelin. They look slightly stoned but the still look cool in their 70s fashion. Stairway to Heaven was written after sexual encounters with and orgy of groupies. Rock on Zeppelin!

Last in the mens fashion section is Ken Hutchinson and David Starsky who grew up to be David Soul and Paul Michael Glazer. Hey we only kiddin' we know it was the other way round.

Black Fashion

Black Fashion

70's Black Fashion

Number 1 in the black fashion section is 4 handsome mutherfuckers who are dressed to kill. Maybe they will rape a young white girl first. Hey! I just fuckin' wi ya all again, black guys got enough negativity to deal with as it is without me messin' about!

Next we have a lovely black couple in some casual wear listening to some funky tunes on the latest hip portable radio. They will be gettin' in the groove soon in the bedroom so we betta let them alone.

3rd in this section are two hip brothers who look like they are ready to strut the fuck outta the dance floor. I feel sorry for anyone else goin' to that club tonight. These guys gonna get all the pussy!

Fuck me!, look at the size of that mutherfuckin' collar. Damn right he da King Collar. Just look at the bitch ready to give him a blowjob. Anyone wear one of these mutherfuckin' shirts is not goin' home alone. Damn!

Now here comes the Attack of the Killer Pimps and they look like they mean business! If you a hoe you betta stay home tonight as you gonna get some hoe cake right up your shitta.

Last in this awesome section are two hommies that will be drippin' with pussy as soon as they leave the house. See, one brother got one already without so much as movin' one fuckin' muscle. Maybe his main muscle is doin' the pullin' for him.

Facial & Hair Fashion

Facial & Hair Fashion

70's Facial & Hair Fashion

This guy is called Ken and this photo was used for his album; Ken - By Request Only. Now we are unsure who exactly Ken was but we are sure that the request was to cover as much of his upper face as possible with immaculate hair. He has done a great job and we are proud of you Ken.

Second to last is the joker of music; Frank Zappa and he is sporting a classic 70s porn tash. Frank had many hit albums with songs such as "Don't go where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow" and other clasics such as "Disco Boy and Dancing Fool". If you haven't heard any of Franks songs then we strongly recommend you listen to some. The lyrics are wierd and wonderful.

Brining a close to our fashion section is the best way to find out if you suit a tash. Like this guy, get yourself a 70s bitch and go down on her, get her to show you a mirror and you will instantly see if you suit a 70s porn tash.

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