Disco Love Gods: A Brief History

DLG - Disco Love Gods: A Brief History

Disco Love Gods (aka The DLG) was formed in the early 1970's by a group of friends who came together from various states and backgrounds in the U.S.A. Their love of Disco, Partying and Women provided the foundations for their friendship and so "The DLG" was formed. It was a kind of 70's Rat Pack of which Frank Sinatra was quoted as saying "These guys are foolish" giving a foolish thumbs-up sign. It was considered an honor to be part of The DLG which potential members would be voted in by the founder members of Leroy "Erogenous Zones" Jones, Doogie Knights, Max Martini, Randy Stevens and Troy Travolta (no relation).

Strict rules were set up and to be part of The DLG all rules had to be abided by. Over the years friendships grew as did the number of members, but not without consequences. As their reputations grew, thousands upon thousands of the fittest and sexiest women from all over the world, and many fat, ugly bitches (which were of course shunned) threw themselves at The DLG thus creating many enemies of the men who's wives and girlfriends recieved a sticky finger around the back of The Ostrich Club from a drunken one night stand with various members of The DLG.

But The DLG were resilient and with members like Zak Shaft, younger brother of John, they were protected from high above, they were untouchable. They grew from strength to strength and were known as The Disco Mafia. Although they never went around torturing or killing people they did massacre thousands of men on the dance floor and tortured millions of women deemed unfit to even think of thinking of a DLG. During the coming months we will be bringing you news, interviews and special features about The DLG straight to ya! In the words of Leroy...'Ain't that the truth, damn right it is!'

Be foolish, fools!

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