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Leroy Erogenous Zones Jones

Disco Love Gods, home of the greatest 70s disco dancing superstars .... Ever!

(Part 1)

Welcome to the new look Disco Love Gods website. With the new look come a lot more foolishness so we will be gettin' our thumbs outta our asses and bring you some crazy new shit for y'all to have laff at. We will also be putting our thumbs in our ass and jerking off over some ripe tiddies and then sticking our tongue up some crazy bitches asshole.

As you can see we are back in the mood to talk some crazy ass shit so hold on to ya cock! As always we would like to give a big foolish thumbs up to our sponsor for allowing us to have this opportunity to express ourselves online and uncensored:

"The Bond Breakfast" (007% fat) - Sponsors of Disco Love Gods. There's lots to do here so getcha ass movin' and we hope to c ya soon!!!

Leroy, Doogie & Max

Just before we go we would like to inform you all of the sad passing of one of our brothers and founder member Mr Max Martini. May you Rest in Peace XX

Disco Love Gods Latest Stories
A Brief History of The DLG

Want to know a little info about The DLG? Check out A Brief History of The DLG here.

The Seventies: Best Decade...Ever!

The seventies was probably the best decade ever for everything. Check out the history.

The Seventies
Lost Aztec Tongue: A Lost Civilization, A Lost Language Translated, These Lost Tales Revealed

A lost language discovered and translated into some of the most wonderful tales.

Lost Aztec Tongue
Honory Disco Love God: Who has been accepted in to the DLG Hall of Fame

Discover which 70's celebrity has been inducted into the DLG Hall of Fame.

Honory DLG
Meet Some of the DLG Superstarts
The Bond Breakfast with 007% Fat The Only Breakfast for a Disco Love God

Start the day right with The Bond Breatkfast with 007% Fat. Sean Connery Bacon!

The Bond Breakfast
Leroy's Love Tips

Problems with the opposite sex? Leroy has all the answers to your love problems!

Leroy's Love Tips
Max's Happy Hour

Trouble getting the ladies into bed? Try supplying her with a cocktail from Max!

Max's Happy Hour
Mystic Knights will Tell You Your Fortune

Are you a Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus? Find out about love, health and happiness.

Mystic Knights
The 70's and What Went On!
Women! A DLG's Guide to the Pussy Pit

Discover "The Pussy Pit" where girls just line up for a glimps of The Disco Love Gods.

60's & 70's Music: Soul, Disco. Funk and More

Discover what real music is with the some of the favorite artists of The DLG!

70's Movies

Trouble getting the ladies into bed? Try supplying her with a cocktail from Max!

70's Movies
Fashion: The latest 70's style as worn by The DLG

Want to look like a DLG or a hot piece of ass? Visit our fashion page for inspiration!

70's Fashion
Enough of Work! Time-Out! Play some games and relax
Word of the Week. DLG talk!

Learn how to talk like a DLG. You'll learn the moves that accompany each word LOL!

Word of the Week
Fun & Games: Competitions, Jokes, Quizes and More

Time out! Stop working! Now, let's play some games, quizes and enter competitions!

Fun & Games
Disco Love Gods Merchandise: Discover Great DLG Clothing and Accessories

Looking for unique designs on quality clothing products? Visit our online store.

DLG Merchandise
Disco Love Gods Sex Shop Partnered by Ann Summers

Becoming a Disco Love Gods requires lots of action with the ladies. Vist our Sex Shop!

Sex Shop
Extra Shit to Do
Icons are the people we look up to. Check out the icons from the seventies

John Travolta, James Brown, Betty Davis and more icons from the seventies.

Fools can be good fools or bad fools. What kinda Fool are you?

Back in the day Fool had 2 meanings; Good or Bad. Check out these fools.

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